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Reporting of hazards assist in identifying aviation hazards, risks and trends that might lead to potential incidents and accidents. Should you be aware of any hazardous or dangerous practices please contact RAASA with the relevant information on 011 0821000 or you can complete the RAHRS form below.


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and / or e-mail to pierre(at)

All reports from the public and industry are handled with high importance and confidentiality.



Laser light in the pilot’s eyes causes glare (inability to see past the light). At higher power levels, it can also cause temporary flashblindness and afterimages (like when you look at a bright camera flash, and cannot see for a many seconds afterwards). Since the beam can’t be held completely steady on the cockpit, pilots experience one or more of these bright flashes:

To make things even worse, a pilot being targeted may also be worried about eye damage and eye injuries, and the possibility of the laser being an aiming device on a weapon. A worried pilot is a distracted pilot -- not a good thing during critical flight phases such as landings, takeoffs and emergency maneuvers.

For all these reasons -- and especially due to the distraction, glare and flashblindness effects -- you should NEVER point a laser towards an aircraft. (It is not even smart to aim directly at stars, since a slow-moving far-away aircraft could look like a star.)



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