Application Forms For the Pilot

Application Forms For the Aircraft



1. Who is RAASA?
RAASA stands for Recreation Aviation Administration - South Africa. RAASA was established to discharge specific functions designated to it, by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. 

2. What is the role of RAASA?
The mandate of RAASA is to exercise control over recreation activities within the Non Typed Certified Aircraft industry as envisaged in section 155(1) (g) of the Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No 13 of 2009) read in conjunction with Part 149.01.2(a) to (g) of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011 (CARs).

3. What will SACAA’s role be within the scope of this new arrangement? Who is ultimately accountable in such an arrangement?
The SACAA remain the authority and will conduct compliance overview over the activities of RAASA in terms of the designation. RAASA acts on behalf of the SACAA.

4. Who is Aero Club? What is the membership of the Aero Club?
The Aero Club of South Africa is a composite body constituting all disciplines of sport flying, and with sport flying we include recreational and private aviation. It is involved in a diverse field of activity, from section/discipline specific issues to issues of a general impact nature.
As with all sporting disciplines, it has an international parent body, the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), with its head quarters situated in Switzerland. The FAI consists of many commissions, each dealing with a particular sporting code, and vets any World Record attempt or results from any World Championship. The Aero Club derives its mandate from its members, to represent their interests, and to protect their activities.

5. What are the requirements for a National Pilots Licence?
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6. How do flight and theoretical credits factor between categories for pilots?
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7. How do flight and theoretical credits factor between categories for Instructors?
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8. What is the minimum age to gain a NPL?
17 years.

9. What class of medical must I hold for the NPL?
Class 4

10. What should I do if my personal logbook got lost or got stolen NPL?
·         A formal application should be submitted to RAASA.
·         An affidavit should be sent along with the application. The affidavit should detail the reasons why the applicant requires a new logbook.
·         RAASA will send the applicant’s last logbook summary as summarised by applicant in their last application.
·         If applicant has flown extra hours from the time of last application, the applicant will then submit proof of such hours flown to RAASA.
·         RAASA will then issue a letter for the applicant to include in their new logbook, with the amount of hours previously flown to add to the new logbook.
·         Applicant will then open up a new logbook and send copies to RAASA.
·         RAASA will then include these copies in applicant’s records.

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