It has become increasingly clear that important management responsibilities, processes and procedures at air shows, and related events, particularly regarding flight operations are not correctly understood and therefore not always complied with in all respects. In terms of the agreement entered into between the SACAA and the RAASA, the latter “shall be responsible for the control and co-ordination of air shows as well as for provincial, national and international sporting aviation displays in accordance with the guidelines approved by the SACAA, events and competitions”.  

The application fee for 2017 events are R8550.00 (incl. VAT ) payable to RAASA 60 days before the event.  This fee is 90% refundable if the event is cancelled, no less than 14 days prior to the event. Any fees payable to ASSA (Airshow South Africa) do not relate to the processing, approval or issuing of any Special Air Event  including Airshow permits as this is entirely a RAASA function.

  • The Timeline Brochure sets out the minimum timelines for the various submissions of documents to reach the RAASA office.

  • The Special Air Event MOP sets out the requirements and principles regarding the management of these events, including flight operations and demonstrations which may take place on any part of the runways or any portion of the airfield on the demarcated airside. 

  • The Safety at Sports and Recreation Events Act 2 of 2010 (SASREA) places onerous obligations on controlling bodies, event organisers, sponsors and venue owners to ensure safety and security at events. Failure to comply can result in event cancellation or stakeholders being held liable to criminal sanction. In this regard, the SASREA makes it compulsory for these event organisers to have public liability insurance, yet compliance with these requirements is not near the levels it should be.

  • The responsibility for the management of air traffic flows within South African Airspace will reside with the Central Airspace Management Unit (CAMU) which is established at the Johannesburg ATC Centre. The unit's responsibility will include, the management of the use of airspace as per user requirements, catering for military exercises, special and unusual events and any other activity which might require the use of airspace for a particular time period. Practical application of the FUA will require applicants to observe a specific procedure and time scale, in order to allow the safe and effective use of airspace required, without impinging on the efficient and orderly flow of other air traffic.
  • All aspects dealing with the Display Performer Accreditation process, including the appointment of Display Authorisation Examiners, currency and renewal requirements, curricula, censure and the appeal process, are outlined in the Performer Accreditation document which applies to any discipline of performance including solo and formation aerobatics in piston and turbine powered fixed wing aircraft, rotor wing aircraft, radio controlled aircraft, gliders, parachuting, motor racing and specialty acts.
  • At present SACAA authority has designated RAASA to issue Aerobatic Ratings and Jet / Turbine Aerobatic Ratings as recommended by the Sports Aerobatic Club of South Africa, to those pilots who have successfully followed the SACAA approved syllabus for aerobatic training; thus
    a) Allowing pilots to compete in aerobatic competitions.
    b) Allowing pilots to practise aerobatics within the parameters set out in the CARS
    For a copy of the SAC MOP visit the SAC website 

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